Years ago, a small business owning a wide format printer was uncommon. But, as the technology has become more accessible and affordable, many companies are discovering it’s not nearly as out of reach as initially thought. Today, businesses of all sizes find a lot of tangible value in wide format printing. It is cost-effective, enhances marketing initiatives, and is a great way to differentiate your company from competitors.

Wide Format Printing: What is it?

Wide format printing is very similar to digital printing in that it applies the ink directly to the product. This gives it more of an “authentic feel” than it does when printed pieces are mounted to other materials.

Many companies invest in a wide format printer so they can print their own promotional or display products that traditional printers cannot create. Certain industries, such as architecture firms relying on blueprints, find these devices invaluable. These larger-scale printers enable them to print anywhere between 12 and 100 inches in width, which provides unlimited possibilities. Wide format printers come in different varieties.

  • Flatbed printers: Great if you’re looking to print on thick, or less traditional, materials.
  • Roll-to-roll printers: Ideal for banners, canvas, or other flexible rolled materials – they can stretch up to 100 inches in width, and length is whatever you choose it to be.
  • Hybrid version: Allows you to perform all the functions of flatbed and roll-to-roll printers.

Imagine being able to create your own banners, floor graphics, trade show signs, posters, and more. You can even print on vinyl, glass, wood, corrugated plastic, foam, metal, or cloth. Bottom line, whatever you choose, investing in a wide format printer gives you the ability to make your printed pieces stand out.

The Benefits of Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers enable companies to print images far larger than anything that can be done on a traditional desktop or networked printer – a print roll can stretch up to a width of 100 inches.

Kick your advertising and marketing efforts up several notches

While digital plays an essential role in marketing and advertising efforts, “hardcopy” items are still valuable and aren’t going away anytime soon. People still trust—and often prefer—printed media. With printed materials, you can:

  • Boost visibility and grow more awareness for your brand.
  • Make a bold statement about your brand or any products or services you’re selling.
  • Highlight promotional items you want to move more quickly.
  • Draw attention to and advertise an event (i.e., a sale, demo, or another event you’re sponsoring).

There is a lot to be said for the old saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” If a person hears information, they might remember it, but if an image is added, chances are it’ll be far more memorable. In today’s digital age, where information overload may cause consumers to dismiss promotions, printed items will still often stand out in their memories.

Save time and money on print jobs

Investing in a wide format printer can put money back into your budget over the long-term since it pays itself off over time. Other cost-effective reasons to purchase a wide format printer include the ability to:

  • Print on your own schedule, not a vendor’s—you have total control.
  • No longer worry about vendor fees, including those imposed for those last-minute changes or rush print jobs.
  • Design eye-popping creations without having to hire a designer.
  • No need to plan for pickups or pay for deliveries—your staff do not need to readjust their schedules to receive your printed items.
  • Enjoy mobile print capabilities in conjunction with a wide format printer to provide even more flexibility.

Why Should Small Businesses Use Wide Format Printers?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often are at a disadvantage because they don’t have anything close to the marketing budgets large corporations have at their disposal. For companies looking to compete, even on the local level, it can be difficult for them to make themselves stand out against large corporations. Buying a wide format printer is a smart investment for small businesses. Consider the following:

  • Print items look amazing and give small businesses a much needed “pop” in terms of visibility.
  • Companies can make a bold statement by adding large graphics to their vehicle(s).
  • Businesses can create eye-grabbing customized images to print on film to hang on their storefronts and windows.
  • Marketing initiatives can include printing designs on customized t-shirts and other swag displaying the company’s logo.
  • Large printed displays at trade shows, local events, and other venues can be utilized to help the business stand out in a crowd.
  • Companies can use a variety of print products to announce a product, new location, sale, or another event with finesse.

Essentially, you can level the marketing playing field by using your wide format printer creatively and give your audience the impression you offer the same quality as the bigger companies do. Items you print are of professional-grade quality and draw more attention. With such high-grade marketing materials, your targeted audience may even perceive you as being one of the “big guys.”

Affordable in-house technology has come a long way in recent years. A wide format printer can help you to increase your company’s visibility while helping you to put money back into your budget. If you want to maximize your marketing dollars by investing in a wide format printer, contact Modern Office Methods today to learn more about your options.