For many companies working to control costs, managing their print environment can be challenging. In fact, the print environment is often the last unaudited area for many businesses. Companies are often unaware of how they can optimize their printing and cut costs. This is where a print assessment can really help!

In this post, we are going to look at what a print assessment is, and four benefits you’ll enjoy with an assessment.

What Exactly is a Print Assessment?

A print assessment is a process that provides a complete evaluation of where your print environment currently stands including all activities and costs. The print assessment is the first step when engaging a Managed Print Services provider.

In the information-gathering stage an MPS provider will deploy print management software to gain insight into your actual print volumes, behaviors, costs, and device usage to determine where improvements can be made. The software centralizes print administration by producing reports for your company’s entire printer and copier fleet.

Four Benefits of a Print Assessment

A print assessment provides a detailed insight into your company’s print behavior and actual costs. An assessment also helps you to evaluate your current print infrastructure and can save you money over the long and short-term. Here are key four benefits:

  1. Inventory Assessment – How many devices do you have? How many do you actually need? An assessment will include a review of your entire fleet and give you an idea of how your devices are performing and whether making changes to your fleet makes sense.
  2. Current Print Costs– An assessment offers a complete financial picture of what you are spending per page including the cost of supplies, hardware costs, and options for consolidation.
  3. Reviewing Print Usage and User Activities– An assessment gives insight into how your team is using devices, what devices they are using, supply usage, and other factors affecting cost. This can help you optimize your company’s workflows, mitigate waste, and significantly cut costs.
  4. Optimizing Security– A print assessment can identify gaps in your security including potential risks.

A print assessment is the first step in a Managed Print partnership. With an assessment in-hand, an MPS provider can develop a print strategy that can dramatically improve your workflows, efficiency, and what you spend on print.

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