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The Role of Managed IT Services in School Cybersecurity

It's disheartening to know that schools have become increasingly attractive targets for cybercriminals. Hackers recognize that schools often lack the necessary budget and resources to combat potential threats. In fact, 27% of schools view their current data center security as inadequate and urgently in need of improvement (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency). However, there is a solution that can level the playing field. By partnering with a Managed IT Services provider, schools can access expert [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Various Types of IT Services

Information Technology services or IT services refer to the development, execution, application, support, structure, and oversight of computer-based information systems. These services are used to provide technical expertise to business processes that enable them to optimize and access information. If you’re looking to find out more information about the different IT services out there, keep reading. Categories of IT Services There are three broad categories of IT services. Business Process Services These are outsourced services [...]

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IT Services: Specialized vs. Managed IT

The idea of outsourcing IT support to a third-party service provider isn’t new. IT services for hire have been around since before the internet. But they haven’t been nearly as important as they have been for the past ten or twenty years. As more core business operations take place in the digital space, technology expertise makes a big difference for companies. It can help them stand out, resolve serious problems, improve productivity, and more. The [...]

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The Financial Benefits of IT Services for Your Ohio Business

Have you been thinking about some of the ways that you could be saving on your IT costs? Managed IT services in Ohio can help your business reduce costs and streamline operations. Let's take a look at the financial benefits of IT services.   What's Included in Managed IT Services Here are the basics of what a managed IT services company can offer your business:   Network Testing, Monitoring, and Improvement Cybersecurity Services Cloud Computing [...]

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Why Managed IT Is Essential for Protecting Your Data

Hackers are always developing new ways to get around your business's security to access your valuable critical or sensitive data. Even more disturbing is many of these attacks go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. Securing your company’s data and infrastructure in today’s business environment is crucial. A Managed IT Services provider can implement measures to protect your company’s data, network and systems. The Biggest Threat Weak security is one of the biggest threats [...]

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5 Reasons You Need Managed IT Services

Today, every business needs to ask “what should we be spending on technology and IT support?” Often the question then becomes “what is the best solution for managing IT - hire in-house, outsource to a Managed IT services provider, or implement some combination of the two?” The truth is, there's no single, simple answer. The right solution needs to address your specific technology needs in the most cost-effective way possible. In this post, we'll look at five signs that it [...]

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Business Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Services

In the 21st century, computers, networks, and general technology have evolved at a staggering rate, and with this growth, business systems have gotten quite complex. Many small- and medium-sized companies don’t have the personnel, resources, or room in their budgets to keep up with this level of technological advancement. As a result, many organizations are finding a cost-effective and feasible strategic solution in outsourced IT services. What Are IT Services? In a nutshell, IT services [...]

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Is It Time To Invest In IT Services?

No matter what type of business you run, IT services can provide your company with many benefits. Due to misconceptions regarding cost, biases regarding learning curves, and other matters, many companies are reluctant to invest in IT services. However, for most companies, the benefits far outweigh the potential drawbacks. In particular, managed IT services is considered a godsend by businesses looking to take their brand to the next level. With that in mind, let's take [...]

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Do You Want to Chat? We Do!

MOM is happy to announce a new feature on our website...Live Chat! In an effort to become more accessible to our clients during these difficult times, we've enabled a Live Chat option to our website. The Live Chat feature was launched on Monday, April 6 and is connected to our Help Desk, Client Vision Center, and Network Engineers. The Live Chat icon is located at the bottom right portion of all of our web pages. [...]

Why Managed IT Services are Essential for Small Businesses

Small businesses face many challenges when it comes to growth and developing a substantial market presence. Many company owners find it helpful to outsource some aspects of the business, freeing them and their staff up to focus on other tasks. One of the most commonly outsourced departments is IT services. These are essential to a company's data security and overall function, but they don't need to be handled in-house. Here are some of the ways [...]

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