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Finding the Best Business Printer

The best printer for your business takes care of all your printing needs. It will come with many features, from monochrome or color options to lower or higher printing volume. Generally speaking, the ideal business printer needs to present a reasonably priced solution and meet everyday requirements. However, what this means specifically will depend on your organization. For instance, most businesses will only need black-and-white printing, but color copies may be a must for other [...]

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Managed IT Services – Top Trends

Many small business owners struggle with the idea of trusting others outside the company who offer assistance and expertise. It’s one of the reasons why owners and other company officers end up wearing more than one hat. But you can’t always be an expert at everything, especially in a complex field like IT. Frequently, managed IT services offer the best solution regardless of a company’s size and ambitions. Managed IT Services All managed services are [...]

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Document Management Systems You Need to Know

Keeping up with records, company files, and other documents is increasingly difficult when you don’t have the right tools. Many employees, company officers, and business owners waste countless hours per week sorting through documents to find the necessary information. Why You Need a Document Management System (DMS) An inefficient document management system, or DMS, can kill workflow, create productivity issues, hinder communications, and even cause compliance issues in some cases. More companies need to implement [...]

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Best Practices to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks achieved remarkable success in 2021. According to IBM’s “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021,” the average ransomware attack cost businesses $4.62 million. Those costs cover the escalation and notifications related to the attack, in addition to the loss of business caused and the cost of a response. Note that these costs don’t include paying the ransom. The same report states that ransomware was a factor in 7.8% of data breaches where a [...]

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Printer Security – Why It’s Important and How to Improve It

Cybersecurity is a major challenge in the United States. This is highlighted in the Identify Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC) 2022 report, “Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2021 Annual Data Breach Report Sets New Record for Number of Compromises.” According to that report, there were 1,862 data breaches in the United States in 2021. This figure represents a 23% increase on the all-time high the organization previously recorded. But we know what you’re asking yourself. What does [...]

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Cybersecurity Practices You Might Not Be Using

Many small and mid-size businesses must protect their assets from various threats. This includes cyber threats, which are often underestimated. More companies need to start learning about potential dangers and how to implement the best cybersecurity practices. A tough cybersecurity policy can make network infrastructure more secure and employees less likely to be targeted in online attacks. Even better, a robust cybersecurity architecture isn’t as expensive as many business owners believe. Cybersecurity Overview Cybersecurity is [...]

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Production Printer vs. Others – Know the Difference and What You Need

Installing multiple desktop printers in every office isn’t always a good idea. Office equipment can cost a lot of money, and making the wrong choices can lead to underwhelming returns on your investment. But if you know your printing volume needs, you should be able to optimize your buying strategy and get better equipment – perhaps a production printer. Naturally, a few types of printers seem like the best choice after a traditional desktop or [...]

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Wide Format Printer Uses in Key Industries

Choosing the right printer can give office managers and business owners some trouble. Is it better to buy a wide format printer or use a traditional printer? Do colors even matter in every industry, or is it worth saving a few bucks with black-and-white printing? Printing in a wider format might seem like a waste of time to someone who hasn’t used anything but a standard office printer. However, there are more than a few [...]

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IT Services: Specialized vs. Managed IT

The idea of outsourcing IT support to a third-party service provider isn’t new. IT services for hire have been around since before the internet. But they haven’t been nearly as important as they have been for the past ten or twenty years. As more core business operations take place in the digital space, technology expertise makes a big difference for companies. It can help them stand out, resolve serious problems, improve productivity, and more. The [...]

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