Concepts such as total cost of ownership (TCO) or cost per copy (CPP) do not tell the whole story about a system’s efficiency – that is if the system incurs increased costs within different areas in the company. Even technically highly productive machines become inefficient if they are no longer used as designated, as in cases caused by company reorganization or when human resources are squandered when employees carry out tasks unsuited to their qualifications.

TCO and CPP do not tell the whole story about a system’s efficiency. The key to this problem is change management, or simply a refocus from product to customer. A vendor’s refocusing answer is increasingly becoming MPS. Vendors know that a customer is no longer satisfied with just a state-of- the-art product – they also want constant and all-around support before they are willing to undergo a long-term relationship with a vendor for their fleet. A number of manufacturers are offering MPS already to their customers. The offers include status analysis, priority identification, implementation, management and constant monitoring in the areas of consumables management, process optimization and sometimes refinancing.

Benefits to you:


  • It is estimated that the cost of print can be as much as three percent of a company’s revenue and has even been called “the last great area of uncontrolled costs”.
  • Improved work routines alone save 20 to 30 percent of printing costs.
  • Enhance business/work processes by adding new capabilities to this hard copy fleet.
  • Grasp control of the fleet, identify all costs and centralize decision making.
  • Optimize the fleet by installing the right devices in each work environment.


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