Question: I work for a local consulting company, and one of our challenges is billing our clients for all the paper reports, and documents they require us to print out as our final deliverable. What options do we have to automate the accurate collection and invoicing of these documents?
Answer: There is a real cost to producing paper documents, and as a consultant you deserve to charge your clients for this cost. The good news is that there has never been a better way to collect that information than now!  MOM offers several different software and hardware solutions to meet the goals of monitoring, and charging for the cost of producing paper documents. The key is to identify your requirements and goals. Requirements may include things like: “I need to print and track mobile printing on my printers and copiers,” “we want a customized report that allows us to track the project sub-tasks,” or “we need to import the charge-back data into our Accounting system for invoicing.” Once your goals and requirements are accomplished, we can help you choose the best solution to match your requirements and your budget! For more information about MOM and our products and services, visit our website at