As the IT Director for a regional manufacturing company, I have been looking for a document management solution that is hosted off-site so all of my other manufacturing facilities can easily access the system. This would enable my business to have better access to our documents, and a better disaster recovery system. What is your experience?


Great topic. The time is right to start thinking about moving more of your applications to the Internet, or “the Cloud” as some call it.  The technology, security, and bandwidth are there and the technology is mature and stable.  Many very large and small organizations are moving critical applications like email, databases, and file storage to the Cloud.  MOM has several Cloud-based solution offerings.  Cloud-based applications have a lot of advantages: 24×7 up-time, feature-rich software, and the fact that you pay as you go, and don’t spend precious capital on servers that have a limited life-span.  One of the biggest reasons clients move to the Cloud is because of all the financial advantages these solutions afford them.

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