Dealing with reams of documents is part of life for countless businesses across the globe, and it can cause a range of challenges. For example, statistics show that 83% of employees have to recreate missing documents, wasting time and reducing productivity. Document management software can make all the difference. This guide will show you how.

An Introduction to Document Management

Before we look at the various benefits of this software and how to pick the right program for your business, it’s important to have a clear definition of document management software.

In simple terms, a document management system, or DMS, is a program designed to store and organize documents in digital form. It can keep track of all your Word files, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other documents, offering a myriad of benefits to businesses of all sizes.

The Benefits of Document Management Software

The majority of businesses are still struggling with traditional and outdated document management processes. However, an increasing number are switching to digital systems. With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why.

Huge Time-Saver

Arguably the biggest and best benefit of a DMS is how much time it can save you. Instead of wasting precious minutes and hours searching through disorganized systems or rewriting lost documents, you can count on a DMS to make everything easier.

Better Organization

Document management software is also a crucial organizational tool. It makes individual documents and folders easier to find with automatic naming and indexing. Plus, many DMS programs also let you track and view previous versions of the same file, letting you see exactly how each document has been edited over time.

Secure Backups and Recovery Tools

Sometimes, documents go missing, especially if you’re still working with paper-based systems or have a lack of organization. The best document management systems create secure backups, letting you recover your files if they accidentally get deleted or misplaced.

Optimizing Efficiency and Productivity

Document management services are one of the many examples of technology and IT services enhancing performance in the workplace. With the DMS keeping everything organized and up-to-date, workers can put their focus and energy into more important tasks.

Easier Compliance

Many industries have complicated compliance regulations that need to be followed. A DMS can aid with compliance with various laws and regulations, keeping key documents secure while making it easier for you to track down info regarding accounts, taxes, etc.

Happier Workforce

As mentioned previously, workers who operate with the aid of a DMS tend to have more time and energy to put into key tasks and duties. This can have a positive knock-on effect on workforce morale. A happier workforce should lead to boosted productivity and loyal employees.


Ecological concerns are an increasingly talked-about issue all over the globe, and businesses are responding by trying to become more sustainable. Worldwide, companies great and small are taking steps to “go green,” such as cutting down on waste or investing in renewable energy. A DMS can be part of your eco-friendly transition, as it helps you cut down on office paper waste and use less energy.

Picking the Right Program

The benefits of document management software are clear to see, but if you want to enjoy those benefits and get value from a DMS, you need to invest in the right one. How to pick? Here are some of the main factors you should try to focus on:

  • Ease-of-use – Many businesses show reluctance to switch to DMS programs, preferring to stick to the tried-and-true methods they know. Some fear that they simply don’t have the necessary IT expertise to master these programs, but there are plenty of examples of document managers that are really easy to work with.
  • Price – This may not apply to the biggest businesses with big budgets to work with, but the price is important for smaller brands that need to manage their finances carefully. Some DMS programs may cost several hundred dollars per month, and that might not work with your existing budget. Instead, try to find a cheaper option that gives you what you need without breaking the bank.
  • Key features – Of course, there’s no point investing in a DMS if it doesn’t have the features and functions you require. Think about what your business needs and try to find software that can meet those needs in its feature-set. Specifically, it’s wise to focus on software with automated backups, cloud access, multiple capture methods, audit trails, and document indexing.
  • Support – Even the best DMS programs can have issues from time to time, and you might need a helping hand setting the software up or using a particular feature. That’s why it’s also a good idea to see what level of support is offered by the developer. Do they have a chat system or email you can contact for assistance, for example?
  • Security – Another big priority to take into account when choosing document management software is security, particularly if you do a lot of work with sensitive user data. The best DMS programs provide high-grade encryption to safeguard your documents, reducing the risk of them falling into the wrong hands.
  • Reputation and reviews – Finally, it’s worth taking a look at the reputation of the developer or provider of the DMS. You may also want to consult some user and expert reviews to get an idea of whether the software is trustworthy. This can help you differentiate between low-quality software and the better DMS tools.

Make Your Business Truly Paperless With Document Management Systems

If you’re still toiling away with paper documents or struggling to cope with disorganized digital systems, it might be time to invest in a DMS. In a matter of minutes, a DMS installation can change the game for businesses large and small, transforming the way you collate, organize, and manage your various documents, from Word files to PDFs.

Modern Office Methods can help. Our document management solutions can make your documents and digital data infinitely easier to track and manage. If you’re looking for document management services in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, or Mansfield, get in touch with the Modern Office Methods team today to learn more.