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6 Ways to Spot a Phishing Email in 2022

Phishing emails are used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. It happens when a hacker, pretending to be someone familiar, tricks their victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message and clicking on a malicious link. This typically leads to the installation of malware, shutting down access to data as part of a ransomware attack or the revealing of sensitive information. Phishing attacks account for more than 80% [...]

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Why Cybersecurity Should Be a Priority All Year Long

As businesses have become increasingly dependent on technology, a good portion of their data is kept on internet-connected platforms, which, if unprotected, can become a gold mine for bad actors. Today cybersecurity should be a priority for your business, no matter what the size. Unfortunately, no business is immune to a threat. Here are four commonly unaddressed attack vectors that hackers like to exploit. Human Nature Your network is only as secure as your weakest [...]

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The Financial Benefits of IT Services for Your Ohio Business

Have you been thinking about some of the ways that you could be saving on your IT costs? Managed IT services in Ohio can help your business reduce costs and streamline operations. Let's take a look at the financial benefits of IT services.   What's Included in Managed IT Services Here are the basics of what a managed IT services company can offer your business:   Network Testing, Monitoring, and Improvement Cybersecurity Services Cloud Computing [...]

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