IT cost

Tips to Reduce IT Costs

What do competent IT services cost your Ohio business? It could be more than you’d expect. In day-to-day operations, your company probably uses a combination of computers, multifunction printers, phones, data backup, cloud storage, and more. All of the devices and software in this complex, ever-shifting network will need IT services at some point. It could be as simple as installing the latest security patch or as complex as migrating information to a new operating [...]

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Avoiding the IT Money Pit

Though many businesses still require an in-house IT manager, it might be more efficient and cost effective to outsource some of your IT functions, so that in-house IT staff can focus on critical projects. But, choosing the right IT solution and service provider can be challenging, especially when you’re not sure what your business needs. Companies around the world pump $2 trillion into IT each year—billions of which is actually wasted on unnecessary or [...]