Many of us are comfortably (some in their work pajamas) and effectively working from home these days. Technology makes it possible for us to connect and do our jobs with minimal hassle outside of the office. However, while we can communicate and collaborate from a distance, some remote employees are experiencing one struggle in their new work arrangement: secure access to documents they need to fulfill their responsibilities. Their company lacks document management functionality that allows them to create, access, and manage documents remotely.

The fact of the matter is in business we still rely on paper and paper-based processes despite the digitization of seemingly every part of our lives. And some departments are particularly document-intensive, such as human resources and accounting. Employees working in remote environments can really struggle to do their jobs that rely on paper documents outside of the office. That’s where document management can play such a vital role in your workflows while employees are working from home. A document management solution will provide your remote employees quick, easy, and secure access to documents essential for their work.

As beneficial as documents can be to work with when in paper form, they have limitations when we’re not in the same space as our co-workers. Paper documents are more difficult to share and access in this scenario. But with document management, your files can be easily retrieved without ever leaving your desk or digging through file cabinets. Documents are imported into your platform through virtual printing, scanning, emailing, or even faxing, then converted to fully searchable electronic files and automatically routed to their proper destination. These digital documents are indexed, making it possible for you to search by keywords for immediate access. Just enter a search term to locate the file you need in a matter of seconds. Documents can also be automatically routed through rules you set to streamline your business processes.

With your documents stored digitally, you’ll have access to secure storage and sharing capabilities, enabling you to access files from anywhere. You can grant and restrict access to certain files through permissions to protect your sensitive information. You can even automatically purge your documents through a pre-defined retention schedule to comply with government regulations. Besides access to your documents, document management provides you the ability to control them as well.

​​​​​​​COVID-19 has created a new normal for the majority of business professionals. However, there’s no need to limit your effectiveness while working from home. Contact us today to learn how our document management solution will keep your workflows moving along regardless of where your employees are stationed.